Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Although change can sometimes be scary and seem unnecessary it seems Microsoft have won us over with windows 10. Not saying it’s been a perfect upgrade, there was definitely some issues with Windows 10.0 however the newest update of windows 10 1511 has showed major improvement. The new operating system has been trialled both personally and professionally and we’re happy to say, it’s definitely proven to be better than originally expected. If you’re still considering making the upgrade, I hope this provides some clarity in to why ABC Computers would suggest upgrading to windows 10 1511.


One of the major benefits of upgrading to windows 10 would be the security and performance updates, both have shown a substantial amount redevelopment including faster response wake up times from sleep and hibernation modes. Applications are also seen to have better response and performance times. Another improvement is gaming performance, games are seeming to run smoother and faster on maximum graphics settings compared to previous windows versions.


Although as mentioned above the experience in upgrading to windows 10 wasn’t issue free, it was surprisingly quick and easy. During my installation I had well over 4TB worth of applications and data, and the process was all around smooth. I have also enjoyed knowing that regular updates are rolling in to fix small issues that have been discovered. Another refreshing feeling is knowing that windows 10 will now be supported for many years, rather than possibly become outdated like some windows 7 and 8 users.

Operating System Upgrades

However, I think the decision may ultimately come down to the general improvement with the user interface and how easy windows 10 is to use. Many customers who use the computer for personal browsing have said the change to windows 10 was very beneficial. On top of the improved user interface there’s also significant improvement with the personalisation settings and options giving the user more control of their personal settings.


Now time for the brutally honest truth, some computers will not support some versions of windows 10. We’ve found numerous issues with the installation of windows 10 version 10.0. We’ve fixed these issues multiple times for Clients and local businesses. One of our regular clients in Sippy Downs recently experienced data loss, loss of applications, loss of settings and windows 10 corruptions which caused his laptop to be unusable. Thankfully Jason being an experienced technician he was able to rectify the issue and recover all lost data and settings. The corrupted version of windows 10 was then removed and a clean copy of windows 10 1511 was reinstalled successfully.


At ABC Computer Solutions we are readily available to help you with installing new windows operating systems or repairing any failed installations. Hope this blog has been helpful, stay tuned for more.