We tested 3 common computer rumours

We tested 3 common computer rumours!


Jason and I recently put 3 common computer rumours to the test, we’ll let you know if they are in fact just that, rumours. We hear a lot of talk about turning off computer functions to save battery power, or how using extension cables can cause USB read issues. We tested these ourselves;


Rumour: “Extending USB cables is bad and slow”

TRUE! If you are connecting to a hard drive by using an extension cable, you should expect a hefty decrease in the speed it transmits data. You could also find that the device isn’t detected by your computer at all, this is common in USB 3.0 connections, which you can identify by the blue coloured USB plug. We recommend that you do not extend your USB cables, we haven’t identified any issues with other USB 2.0 connections.


Rumour: “Turning off Bluetooth and Wifi makes my battery last longer”

TRUE! But, is it really worth it? The reality of it is, yes you may save some battery life, more so if you have a low battery capacity however it will hardly have any noticeable effect with the gain of battery life being a few more minutes. However, sometimes those few more minutes could have saved that essay you were trying to cram finish before the midnight deadline. Further, if you aren’t using the features, what is the point of having them enabled and using battery life?


Rumour: “More memory makes my computer faster”

FALSE! Unless of course your computer has too little memory and you upgrade it. You generally won’t notice much difference if your computer already has enough memory to handle your daily tasks. More memory does not necessarily mean better performance either, there is a combination of hardware and software components needed to get your computer running at very high performance.