Tips for a healthy computer!

Tips for a healthy computer


To extend the life of your computer there are ways you can protect and prolong a healthy computer or device. We compiled a list of tips you can use;


  • Prevent your device from being dropped, further protect your device with cases, screen protectors and cushioning
  • Do not put any objects on top of your device, or leave any weight on it
  • Never turn off your device while it is processing anything or using your data/files whether internal or external
  • Don’t use devices in extreme weather conditions or leave out in weather
  • Avoid using your devices near dust, dirt, salt water or liquids
  • Keep all liquids away from all devices, or at-least be very careful
  • Keep your device regularly updated with software and applications
  • Try to get your device serviced annually or as suggested by your trusted computer technician
  • Don’t keep your devices near any magnetic fields


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