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How to protect yourself and your electrical appliances this storm season!

With many storms hitting the Sunshine Coast recently, we have had numerous call outs to homes where lightning strikes have damaged not only computers but telephones, modems, appliances and the like.
Firstly, if you are using...
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How to correctly and safely clean your Dirty Desktop Computer

Firstly, never open your computer case while it is connected to any cables, it is always safest to remove all peripherals such as USB cables, power cables, audio cables, screen cables. It’s true the power cable does ground your desktop PC however if there...
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How to limit eye fatigue from working at computers all day

Jason and I often find ourselves struggling with headaches as not only does our work require a lot of time in front of the computers, so do our hobbies. We often find ourselves sitting in dark rooms playing computer games late at night,...
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Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Although change can sometimes be scary and seem unnecessary it seems Microsoft have won us over with windows 10. Not saying it’s been a perfect upgrade, there was definitely some issues with Windows 10.0 however the newest update of windows 10 1511 has showed major improvement. The new operating...
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