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The computer viruses that your anti-virus software can’t protect you from

Although we recommend everyone to use an anti-virus software on their computer, cyber criminals are coming up with very clever and sneaky ways to get past these protection methods. Scam emails and phone calls are on the rise attacking computers and stealing personal...
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6 simple steps to protect yourself from phishing scams and cybercriminals

Recently we have had several clients ringing us after falling victim to phishing scams, so after repeating our advice I decided to write it out and hope it helps before any more clients become victims to the harsh world of cybercrime. The cyber...
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We tested 3 common computer rumours!

Jason and I recently put 3 common computer rumours to the test, we’ll let you know if they are in fact just that, rumours. We hear a lot of talk about turning off computer functions to save battery power, or how using extension cables can cause USB read...
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Tips for a healthy computer

  To extend the life of your computer there are ways you can protect and prolong a healthy computer or device. We compiled a list of tips you can use;  
  • Prevent your device from being dropped, further protect your device with cases, screen protectors and cushioning
  • Do not put any...
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