Start up journey!

Start up journey

After almost a decade in the industry, my partner and I decided to make a name for ourselves. While struggling to support our young family, we finally realised we needed to make some changes.


Enough is enough, when tough times start small things can lead to very big decisions and that’s how we started ABC Computer Solutions. Although both employed Jason and I were struggling to make ends meet and provide for our young family. There was never enough time in the day, while working full time, spending all weekend with Jason’s 2-year-old there was never any time for us, our goals or self-improvement.


When our work environments started to heavily affect our moods and attitudes Jason and I decided it was time to make a move, with my business/administration experience and Jason’s decade of computer technician experience it was an easy decision to start our own business.


Although making the decision to start a home based business was easy, the set up wasn’t so much; especially with a young family. We tore apart our living room area; we even threw out my bookshelf! Then came hand making a workshop desk, and a personally designed space for Jason to work. Although it took some time to finally make it all fit and look professional, I am so thankful we are able to make our home based business a success! With us working out of our home, we now have more time for each other, our family, and further to that we get to keep our overhead costs down and provide our customers with the most affordable computer repair on the Sunshine Coast.


Now we are happily servicing the Sunshine Coast with affordable yet hassle free computer repair, and not only do we offer computer repair, we also offer computer tuition, remote login support, IT advice, website support and general technology installation and advice. Our business really has no start nor end, one of our very first jobs was installing a TV in a client’s house in Forest Glen so she could watch her favourite night time shows in the comfort of her own bed. On the other hand, one of our loyal weekly clients from Marcoola receives one on one tuition for his technology devices and needs. Today, we are building an ultimate gaming machine for a very respected and loyal customer in Mooloolaba. There is nothing to big or small for ABC Computer Solutions.


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