Safely clean your desktop computer!

How to correctly and safely clean your Dirty Desktop Computer


Firstly, never open your computer case while it is connected to any cables, it is always safest to remove all peripherals such as USB cables, power cables, audio cables, screen cables. It’s true the power cable does ground your desktop PC however if there is any chance of moisture this can cause problems if the PC is getting power. So safest to remove all cables from the back of your case.
We do not recommend using a vacuum cleaner to clean any components inside your computer case as it can lead to static build up and could potentially fry vital components inside your PC.
Follow these simple steps bellow regularly to keep your computer dust free, cooler and cleaner;
  • As mentioned above, turn off your computer and unplug all cables and cords
  • Open the case
  • Using compressed air, remove the dust from internal components with short bursts of air, remain a few inches away from the surface of fragile components such as the motherboard, memory, processor and hard drives
  • Remove also the dust build up on the outside of your case and case fans, hold the fan with a finger to stop it spinning while you are blowing the dust out. Fan blades to need to be handled gently as they can crack with pressure or if spun too fast
  • If there are any dirt or other marks, stains, etc. that are being stubborn, you can use rubbing alcohol and wipe the blades, if you find the fans are hard to reach or extremely dirty, we suggest removing them from the case before you attempt to clean them
  • Clean the power supply unit, if you have a dust filter be sure to clean the filter as well
  • Make sure your heat sink and CPU fan is cleaned well, if the build-up is quite bad, remove the heat sink, clean off the thermal paste, and clean separately, remember when re-attaching to reapply thermal paste
  • To finish, make sure all the ports on the computer were compressed clean, remain a few inches away again to remove the risk of any damage, also you can clean the remaining outside case or vents with rubbing alcohol, Q-tips are handy to get into any nooks and crannies
If you are using an air compressor or can of compressed air, we suggest taking the computer outside so the dust does not spread into your house or any other appliances or devices.