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Backup Solutions

Our expert technician will be able to give you a diverse range of solutions to backup and protect your data. We can assist you with hard disk backups, media device backups, network backups, online backups and software backups. ABC Computer’s also offer hardware that can you with your backup needs including external...
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Virus and Spyware Removal

If you notice your computer running slow than usual, or showing any signs of adds or spam pop ups then your computer has been infected. These viruses and infections can download themselves onto your computer even if it’s protected with anti-virus software. Our technicians are specialised in spyware, virus, malware...
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Corrupted Software

If you believe you have some corrupted software, our technician will produce a diagnostic for your computer. Software can be easily repaired by our technicians who may be able to alter your settings, re-install, or uninstall any corrupted software and replace with another software choice or even a working version of your...
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