NBN construction has begun in Buderim!

NBN construction has begun in Buderim!

You may have spotted NBN installation team locally as they start the construction process on Mooloolaba Road or Gloucester Road in Buderim. Although we currently do not have NBN connected at ABC Computer Solutions we expect this to be connected within the next 6 weeks if construction goes smoothly.


The benefits of NBN for not only our personal use but for business use are incredible. For the business alone we gain a fast and reliable broadband connection which makes remote login sessions a breeze, video conferencing and streaming will finally be trouble free, say goodbye to buffering and lag.


Not only does it benefit our business, it benefits our customers by improving your online experience on our website. We are also able to look into more opportunities for improved efficiency and flexibility. During an average day we have upwards of 10 computers connected to our internet running software updates, given the increase in speed we are now able to reduce the time computers are in our workshop, and further reduce the cost of repairing and updating computers. Another benefit for business owners is the fast upload speed which helps businesses utilize cloud sharing applications.


Check your address here to see if you can get NBN

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If available give us a call to discuss plans to get you connected.

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Further, an NBN connection at home will make the house run a lot more smoothly. Everyone can use the internet at once so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of high speed internet, having lots of devices connected at the same time. The kids will enjoy streaming their favorite TV shows while the parents catch up on theirs or catch up on the work at home.


Not only does the internet become more reliable it allows online education tools to be used throughout homes, encouraging parents and children to use technology to further their education. Benefits also include video conferencing for the whole family without interruptions, don’t miss another word. Streaming and downloading music or TV shows becomes stress free with no worries, say goodbye to la and buffering throughout the house.


If you have teenagers who enjoy online gaming, you’ll have some very happy kid’s. With the improved reliability and speed, counter strike has never been so simple. No more rage lag, and say goodbye to throwing keyboards in frustration.


NBN is going to be a new way for internet users, reap the benefits and enjoy.