Choosing an Internet Browser

Choosing an Internet Browser

Choosing the best internet browser is not an easy task, especially when you may be choosing for someone else. All we can do is offer our advice, and let you make an informed decision. So we’re going to review the 4 most popular internet browsers so you can decide which best suits your needs and preferences.


First thing is first, make sure when you are comparing browsers that you check your computers operating system, some browsers are only available on certain platforms, this may ultimately make or break your decision, so I suggest making sure you know what’s available before getting your heart set on something you may not be able to have.


Personally, we always have more than one internet browser installed, and most times we have about 10, however this is due to having clients who use these and our need to understand them for our client’s sake. For our personal and business 90% of the time we will use Google Chrome. Although it is not a perfected internet browser, it does offer so many features that other browsers have yet to develop. Another key selling point to Chrome is the millions of extensions and applications it can run, including add blockers, themes, games and search engine modifiers. Apart from personal settings and preferences Chrome also seems to have the most secure browsing as well as the convenience and customizability.


Browser - Google Chrome              Browser - Firefox              Browser - Safari               Browser - Internet Explorer


Chromes main competition is Firefox. Recently Firefox has incorporates a private browsing mode, as well as improved tab handling. As well as standard features Firefox are always emerging with new web standards and continue to improve their speed. As well as Chrome; Firefox has incredible and easy to use customizability options. Overall it’s a winning combination and proves to be very easy to use.


Other browsers you may wish to research further include Safari and Internet Explorer, and although at one stage Internet Explorer was all we knew, we need to understand that as much as they are the world’s leading browser it still lacks important features such as a download manager and robust extensions ecosystem which hold the browser back. However, Internet Explorer does have category leading security and extensions with some really good browsing aids. On the other hand, we have Safari which is now available for windows. Safari offers some very clever interface innovations, a speed similar to Chrome and site compatibility so it’s easy to use. Although it’s windows compatible we find windows users still prefer Firefox or chrome as browsing alternatives.


No matter what browsing software you choose, browsing is guaranteed to be smoother and faster than it has been in the past. Good luck choosing the right browser!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.