How to protect yourself this storm season!

How to protect yourself and your electrical appliances this storm season!


With many storms hitting the Sunshine Coast recently, we have had numerous call outs to homes where lightning strikes have damaged not only computers but telephones, modems, appliances and the like.



Firstly, if you are using a tablet or laptop whilst unplugged that is perfectly safe for use during a storm, however even if switched off but still remaining plugged in, it’s at risk.
We do not recommend using any devices whilst connected to chargers or any power source whether it is switched off at the wall or not during storms. Even when you are using a surge protected you are still at risk of damage to your devices and appliances.
Not only should you refrain from using your devices during a thunder storm, you should also turn off and disconnect your desktop computers, modems and phone lines along with other appliances during storms. Generally, the worst of storms pass quickly and you are able to turn these devices on shortly after the storm passes.
Keep in mind, lightning is not the only threat to your devices, if you are experiences strong winds you may find power lines down due to falling trees/debris, this is also a risk to your devices.
Other risks you are prone to whilst using devices during storms is the risk of you yourself being electrocuted, although being electrocuted through a desktop computer is unlikely. However, if you are wearing headphones on a desktop computer you can be at risk of acoustic shock which is a loud noise produced from the headphones whilst high electric current moves through them. Another risk is electric shock because the electricity moves close to your head, definitely best to avoid headsets during storms.