Forget Netflix; Plex is here!

Forget Netflix, Plex is here!

Plex is simple, it lets you stream your media anywhere, on any device. Plex works off a centralised server that connects to an application on any chosen device, these applications are compatible with most Smart TV’s, Apple and Android phones, tablets and much more; after a connection has been granted you can use the app to choose any of your media to play. Remote streaming can also be enabled, so you can finish watching your TV Show anywhere in the world.


Plex; being a media management program that takes your entire collection of movies, music, TV Shows, and turns it into a smooth and easy interface for browsing your media, it also collects descriptions, cast information, rating, stars, and the movie’s genre. This creates a beautiful looking media management system perfect for a home theatre use.




The ages have changed, no one rents movies anymore; Our local Blockbuster in Buderim has now closed and most people have their own personal collection of media stored on their computer however there is no neat way to manage or broadcast their media across the broad until now. Our experiences with this media broadcasting tool has been nothing but positive, it’s a free solution so you can forget Netflix and can be incorporated with other third party applications so you never miss a new movie or the latest episode of your favourite TV Shows, even if it’s just been released at ‘Maroochydore cinemas’.




ABC Computers have recently setup a similar media solution for a client in the Buderim area, she required a prompt computer repair and service and also a setup of a simple media solution to surprise her partner for his birthday. She was able to get high quality video and audio streamed to her TV and surround sound system!


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